Hope’s Eating Disorders Support provides support and resources to those struggling with and affected by eating disorders. Today we are constantly surrounded by messages and sources that effect how we feel about the way we look. Eating disorders can often become a coping mechanism from complex emotions around low body image and self worth. We understand that all individuals who are on the spectrum of eating disorders have different experiences and we want to help them find their way back on to the path of recovery. Our programs aim to help individuals explore feelings and behaviours while helping to encourage healthy attitudes towards self-image and lifestyle.


To inspire hope.

Our Values

Navigation, Education with Advocacy, Support Programs
At Hope’s Eating Disorders Support we are committed to helping individuals find support by navigating them through the system, providing education to increase community awareness and dispelling stigma, and by providing support through group support programs. 
Voice, Hope, Awareness
At Hope’s Eating Disorders Support we are committed to supporting individuals in finding their voice, inspiring hope and providing education to increase community awareness, dispel stigma and drive change.


We seek to inspire hope in our participants by providing compassionate and healing environment that inspires individuals along their recovery journey.


By providing timely and accurate information to all our participants, it ensures that everyone’s diverse needs are met.


We are committed to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.


To continue to deliver quality programs and services, we recognize and celebrate successes, learn from valuable failures, and 
embrace responsibility in each decision. 


We strive to provide support and tools that empower individuals to embrace their voices, take initiative, and be confident in their abilities and decisions


We believe it is important to strengthen our community through education, awareness, by dispelling myths of eating disorders, reducing stigma and encouraging others to add their voice in the campaign against eating disorders.


We are committed to pursuing partnerships and collaborative initiatives so that we can provide enhanced access to resources, quality services and supports. 


We strive to promote awareness in a non-biased, non-judgemental way through education, leadership and partnerships. 


  • To provide a safe, confidential, judgement-free environment for those living along the continuum of disordered eating from negative body image to eating disorders to find hope and grow within.
  • To foster a community that celebrates all shapes and sizes by providing tools and information to strengthen self-esteem, confidence.
  • To increase an understanding of the impact of eating disorders, dispelling the myths, reducing stigma and barriers to support.
  • To inspire hope for recovery by providing tools for coping and helping individuals identify outside their eating disorder. This hope comes in the form of group support programs, educational outreach and navigation through the many faceted health care system. 

Staff and Board of Directors

Interim Executive Director: Cynthia O’Neill


Linda Carmichael: “Getting Grounded”

Stephanie Gould: “Art Therapy”

Sara Perlmutter: “Binge Eating Support”

Board of Directors 

Board Co Chair: Shawna Cunningham

Board Co Chair: Barb Aharan

Treasurer: Amanda Eagan

Secretary: Carolyn McKeen

Directors at Large

Mary Ann Linley

Shirley Empringham

Amy Legate-Wolfe

Janet Adamson


The Eating Disorders Association of London Inc. (EDAL) was founded in 1993. The EDAL consisted of health care professionals who treated patients with eating disorders and others who were directly affected by the devastation eating disorders can have on a person and their family. The group of dedicated volunteers was led by Dr. James McSherry. In 1996, EDAL gained status as a registered charitable organization.

Using the success of Sheena’s Place in Toronto as a model, a task force was established to create Hope’s Garden, Eating Disorders Support and Resource Centre. The intent for Hope’s Garden was to provide non-treatment programs in a safe, non-threatening environment, to people who have eating disorders and for their families and friends. Through donations and community partnerships, Hope’s Garden opened its doors on November 25th, 2002. Hope’s Garden continues to rely on the generosity of the community to operate its programs and services to the public. After many years of providing support, education, advocacy, and resources to individuals and other who were directly affected by eating disorders, Hope’s Garden shifted it’s outlook again to further help individuals in the community.

Now known as Hope’s Eating Disorders Support, we continue to grow, by providing a wide variety of support groups and resources, and remains the only organization of its kind in London and the surrounding area.
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